Choosing A Wedding Photographer

So, you have a dress, the suits, flowers, cake and a band…. but what is the one thing that will remain an everlasting memory of your wedding day? Your photos should be a beautiful and timeless account of the most important day of your life and should help every bride and groom to re-live the romance and excitement all over again.

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting process but hopefully these five top tips will give you something to consider when making your decision.

Good Quality Wedding Pictures

The quality of a photographer’s portfolio should be the first thing that captures your attention. A good photographer should be able to offer clients a variety of styles, capturing the personalities of the bride and groom and showcasing the happiness and fun of the day. If their previous pictures somewhat match the outcome you would like to have then they are probably the right photographer for you.

If you are drawn to a photographer, make sure you ask to view all their images (not just the favourites they pick for their websites!) so that you can check the image quality is consistent throughout. Be aware of their editing techniques and try and imagine yourself in those pictures to help you decide if they are what you want.

Trusting Your Photographer

As a bride and groom, you put a lot of trust and faith in your wedding photographer. You must make sure you are completely comfortable with leaving such a big job up to them in order to enjoy your day and allow them to capture the true importance of the day.

Here at The Royal Hotel, with the help of our wedding planner we give you extra peace of mind as we have many reliable contacts that we can introduce you to. You can usually tell within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone, whether you feel a rapport or connection. First impressions are key and if you instantly strike a bond then you are on to a good thing. If you feel uncomfortable around your photographer for whatever reason, then this will become very apparent in your wedding photos and you don’t want to be made feel uncomfortable by someone who is taking pictures of you all day!

How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost

This can often be a deciding factor for a lot of brides and grooms and although it is a vital element, it should not be the basis for your decision. High-end prices do not always guarantee the highest quality but likewise, reasonable pricing does not always depict low quality. We recommend that you look at a few photographers based on their pictures then narrow them down after once you’ve received quotes.

Always remember to ask about any hidden extras. Some photographers charge an additional fee for editing, VAT, creating artwork for an album or even travel and food expenses. You should always ensure that all costs are detailed in a quote before entering into any contractual agreement.

Wedding Photographers Somerset

The experience a photographer has will play a large part in the organisation and structure of the day. Taking the photos is just a small part of being a wedding photographer and without the necessary experience and the ability to perform under constant pressure important moments can be easily missed. They may create friendships with people at the wedding or provide a bit of entertainment for the kids, anything to put them in the moment and get the best shots they can. Maybe fill them in on the agenda so they can get involved.

Always try to choose a wedding photographer who has already worked at your wedding venue. This isn’t a necessity, but your photographer must show a willingness to meet at the venue regularly, exploring the best photo locations and opportunities as well as taking the time to run through the structure of the day.

The Best Wedding Photographers

Try to go for people who have a lot of recommendations from previous clients or ones you’ve hear of through word of mouth. If your friends and family have been happy with the quality of the service and work of a photographer then chances are, you will be too. However, everyone’s tastes are different but this doesn’t mean you should completely rule them out.

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