How To Choose A Wedding Venue

The wedding venue choice is one of the first and most important wedding planning hurdles to jump. Here we summarise some ideas on things to think about when making this all-important decision.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue in Somerset, you’ll be faced with a variety of options; from getting married in the countryside to choosing which month is better suited. This article has been designed to break down the different options that you may be faced with, in order to give you a bit of a helping hand.

Choosing A Somerset Wedding Venue

The country vs city argument is a never-ending between many. So much of this comes down to personal taste and the style of wedding that you’re looking for. If already sure of which way you want to go on this then you might not need to worry about this decision. Or if you are really into nature and wildlife or alternatively if you want a modern high-tech big day, it’s obvious what your decision is going to be. Some city wedding venues even boast utterly stunning views so you can get an element of the best of both worlds.

If you’re not sure, however, then ponder this one for a moment. The quintessentially English country garden wedding is, of course, a wonderful tradition. A venue with a good garden for the kids to charge around and the happy couple to enjoy romantic wanders through sounds like something out of a movie. But of course, there are downsides to such an event – most particularly transport and accommodation for all the guests – which a may mean the wedding will have to be more exclusive. However, there are ways around this by ensuring there are designated drivers or maybe renting out a coach could be an option.

Some city venues have the benefit of being quite splendid and high profile. The Royal Hotel is not quite in a city (more of a seaside town), but it is highly accessible, and we have over 40 rooms which can accommodate friends and family after the celebrations are over. Our car park too gives the guests peace of mind that their vehicle is safe at night while they are off partying. The potential downside of this to consider, of course, is whether this is the kind of vibe you want at your wedding. Getting your friends and family out of town “away, together, alone” can be a wonderful thing and may be more what you are into.

Winter Weddings In Somerset

The time of year that you’re hoping to tie the knot will have an impact on the type of venue that will be the most appropriate for you. If you’re thinking winter, then cosy venue with an open fire will probably be more suited as opposed to an open plan outdoor marquee. On the other hand, if you’re hoping for a sunny day with Pimm’s on the lawn, you could consider an outside ceremony with very little indoor space to make the most of the lovely weather. Here at The Royal Hotel you can have either. Our beautiful, well decorated halls keep the heat in the winter and our huge garden provides more than enough room to party!

Photographs are a big thing to factor in too – bear in mind that with a winter wedding you may find yourselves constrained by the weather and only be able to take wedding photographs indoors. The opportunities that your wedding venue has for varied and attractive indoor shots will thus be an important consideration. In summer, the view of the sea from the gardens at The Royal Hotel is amazing and would make for an amazing backdrop for photos. Inside the hotel is also a good setting for pictures but it just depends on your personal preference.

How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

A key consideration when identifying venues is what will be appropriate for the kind of wedding day that you’re looking and for the number of family and friends that you’re hoping to invite. In fact, the entertaining/banqueting/ceremony spaces that your chosen venue has will be a major driver of the feel of your day. A venue that can seat 40 at a maximum will have a very different feel to one that can seat 200. A quick run through your expected guest list will give you a rough figure and from this you can identify what bracket you need your venue capacity to fall into.

Larger expected numbers will need to have a bigger space for the day, whether that be inside or out (or both) and is evidently going to cost more to run and more food/drink will need to be supplied. Smaller guest numbers won’t need so much room however you still may want to have a large area just because you can! The Royal Hotel can provide for both large and little parties and can make smaller events more personal, depending on what the bride and groom want.

What Sort Of Wedding Ceremony Can I Have

We all know that the choice of wedding venue is, in some way, a bit like the choice of where to live in that somehow it reflects the personalities of those that choose it. It makes sense – the place where you choose to celebrate the biggest day of your life can’t avoid making some sort of statement about you. Are you going for the snazzy, never done before talking point, or something more traditional? Whether you want to make a statement or prefer a more simplistic layout, The Royal Hotel has the space for you to go wild in and make your dreams come to life. This decision can be hard to make but just remember one thing, this day is only ever going to happen once.

Getting Married In Somerset

At the end of the day, it is all down to preference and what the bride and groom want, which I’m sure no one is going to argue with. However, all couples have the same things to consider and they are all just as important as each other. Hopefully if you are reading this because you are soon to be married or because you just wanted a good read, you should now understand the bigger decisions you have to make when planning the venue of a wedding. If you would like more information on The Royal Hotels wedding packages or anything else, don’t hesitate to call on 01934 423 100.

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